RICE BRAN OIL is made using only 100% rice. Our meticulous production process preserves 8000 ppm of antioxidant Oryzanol, which can be found only in rice.

RICE BRAN OIL’s high smoke point of 470°F makes it deal for frying, deep frying and baking. Its delicate flavor also makes it superb for a variety of applications including dressing, dips, marinades and pasta.

✅Contains Oryzanol

✅High Smoke Point

✅Subtle Taste

✅Suitable For Frying, Baking & Salads


Benefits of Rice Bran Oil :

1. Has a Neutral Taste

2. Contains Good Fats

3. Heart Friendly

4. Lowers Cholesterol

5. Has a High Smoke Point

6. Less Oily

7. Rich in Vitamin E

8. Aids Weight Loss

Product of Thailand

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