Tropical tango-pedicure kit


This box contains everything you need for the perfect at-home pedicure, inspired by tropical fruits, these summer scents will surely elevate the experience.

– lavender sea salt soak (35g)

– lemon bath bomb (24g)

– pineapple scrub (95g)

– mini pedicure kit

– nail polish

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GAIA Wellness: your personal self-care solution

Our goal is to provide you with simple yet effective tools to upgrade your self-care and skincare routine.

This 5-step pedicure will leave your feet smooth and moisturized.

Start off by dipping your feet in warm water and our lavender sea salt soak, which aims to soften the skin and relax your muscles.

After about 20 minutes, drop in the lemon bath bomb and watch as it fizzles and helps loosen any damaged skin.

After a quick rinse, the pineapple scrub is the key to smoothing your skin while keeping it moisturized.

We’ve included the mini pedicure kit to shape your nails.

You can finish it off with a nail polish of your choice, but we’ve included a special one just for you.

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