Payment Policy

Total Order Value

It is important to note that the total value you order will vary for the following reasons:

  • Since most of the fresh produce are harvested on a daily basis, it could happen that on the day of delivery certain produce has been damaged due to adverse weather conditions 
  • Certain fruits are sold per weight, so price shall be adjusted accordingly.
  • Adjustment shall be made for delivery bags or mesh bags.

Cash on Delivery

It is requested that you have some change for deliveries. Please check the revised delivery note prior to issue payment.

Bank Transfer

For all other payments, it is requested that payments are effected after the delivery and that all the products delivered are checked to be to your satisfaction.

Cash Wallet  

All customers will be allocated a Cash Wallet which is accessible in ‘My account Page’. 

  • Top-UP

To Top up amount of wallet, it can be done through ‘my account page’. You have state the amount that you will transfer. You will receive a ID number for this transaction. Please mention that reference number when you transfer the chosen amount though your bank. We checked our bank statement on a daily basis, please allow up to 24 hrs for us to update your wallet accordingly.

  • Adjustment of total Value of order

Any adjustment to change of the order value shall be made to the wallet.


For any refund requested for any unsatisfactory products delivered shall be carried out either through the wallet or to be deducted from next payment.

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