General Guidelines

Minimum Order Amount is Rs 300.

Deposits on Jute Bags

All new customers will be charged a deposit of Rs 50 for the delivery basket. At the first delivery, one basket shall be used and your orders shall be delivered in the basket.

On the second delivery, we will deliver your order in a second basket. You should return to us the first basket that was kept with you.

Depending on Order volume, if more baskets shall be utilised customers shall be charged accordingly.

Discontinued Customers

For any reasons, if you choose not to carry out using our services in the future, the deposit amount shall be refunded to you as long as the baskets are returned to us in good condition.

If you have ordered more than a year with us. The deposit will not be refundable as each year we will need to renew the basket.

Order Cut-Off Time

Cut off times for placing  your orders.

Delivery Day






Cut off time/Day

23:59 Sunday

23:59 Monday

23:59 Tuesday

23:59 Wednesday

23:59 Thursday

Please give yourself time to get your order completed and checked out, as orders are automatically processed as from 05:00  every day.


Payment Policy

Total Order Value

It is important to note that the total value you order will vary for the following reasons:

  • Since most of the fresh produce are harvested on a daily basis, it could happen that on the day of delivery certain produce has been damaged due to adverse weather conditions 
  • Certain fruits are sold per weight, so price shall be adjusted accordingly.
  • Adjustment shall be made for delivery bags.

Cash on Delivery

It is requested that you have some change for deliveries. Please check the revised delivery note prior to issue payment.

Bank Transfer

For all other payments, it is requested that payments are effected the same day upon receipt of the delivery items.  

Cash Wallet  

All customers will be allocated a Cash Wallet which is accessible in ‘My account Page’.  This is an option for regular customers who prefer to top-up the wallet with a sum money that will deducted automatically with each new orders.

  • Top-UP

To Top up amount of wallet, it can be done through ‘my account page’. You have state the amount that you will transfer. You will receive a ID number for this transaction. Please mention that reference number when you transfer the chosen amount though your bank. We checked our bank statement on a daily basis, please allow up to 24 hrs for us to update your wallet accordingly.

  • Adjustment of total Value of order

Any adjustment to change of the order value shall be made to the wallet.


If any products delivered are not to be to your satisfaction. Please send a mail on or a whatsapp message on 52572453 with pictures and we will refund you accordingly. We have a full refund policy for not satisfactory items.

Delivery Cost

The Delivery cost for your orders are as follows:

Home Delivery: 

The cost of the home delivery is fix at Rs 80 all over the island.

Pick up Points:

We have certain pick-up points around the island where the requested are requested to come and fetch their baskets. The delivery cost has been fixed at Rs 60.

Delivery Locations






Delivery Days






Pick Up Points

Our drivers shall deliver your baskets at the pick-up point and you will have a time slot where you will be able to pick-up your baskets. 

Delivery Cost for pick-up points is Rs 60.

Neo Foods Shop at Grand Bay – Mont Choisy Le Mall from 16:00 to 18:00

Farmbasket at St Julien D’hotman from 11:00 to 14:00 

At pick up points, we would prefer payment by bank transfer. We can accept cash on delivery as long as you are sure to be there when are drivers there.

Beyond the allowable time for pick up, our host at Pick up point will not take responsibility to keep your baskets. It is imperative that baskets are collected on day of delivery.

Home Deliveries

For home deliveries, bear in mind that our drivers will always go through an efficient route planning. So after a few deliveries, you will have a more precise time slot when our drivers will arrive at your place.

Delivery Cost for Home Deliveries is Rs 80.