Annual Membership Program

Any Customers can register and make purchases on our Platform. There is no need to be a Member.

During the month of January only, any customers are requested to join an annual membership where certain  incentives are provided.

There are two membership options: Green and Gold. The benefits are both are listed below.

Both membership will be valid till 31st of December 2021 and will need to renewed annually.



Annual Fee: Rs 500

Flat Discount: 2  %

Access to all limited produce

Annual Fee: Rs 1200

Flat Discount: 5 %

Access to all limited produce

How to Join?

For the time being we have removed the link for the memberships as we are not taking any new members.

However, anyone can register on the website as regular customers.

On the shop page, you can select either the Green or the Gold Member.

After you have  purchase the membership and made the payment. It will take around 24 hrs to put in place.  Every time you will make a purchase you will get the appropriate discount at check out which is applicable on all purchased goods excluding delivery cost. 

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