About Us

Farm Basket is your solution for a weekly supply of healthy vegetables. We provide freshly harvested, sustainably grown in our farm located at St Julien D’hotman and from of our Network of Farmers located around the island. Our farm was set up on April 2015 and this marked the start of our journey in setting up a sustainable food system in Mauritius.

Farmbasket provides delivery service of Healthy Fruits and Vegetables to your residence or to designated pick up points depending on your location. Customers are free to customize their Basket.

The online service started in February 2017.  We are continuously improving our service and aiming to satisfy our customers every needs when it comes to healthiest produce.

Our Mission

Farm Basket’s mission is to supply the best tasting and finest quality fruits and vegetables for the local community. Through our network of organic farming farmers, we aiming to have a maximum amount of organic produce as possible. Our Network of other not organic farmers uses natural and sustainable farming methods, with minimum use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Our blog Posts


Compy is a Home Composting Unit, designed and constructed by farmbasket.

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Healthy Lifestyle

Farm Basket was created to meet the needs of a growing community who is concerned about what they eat and about what they feed their children. Eating quality vegetables leads to a healthy lifestyle. At Farm Basket, ‘Quality’ is not about the look but it is about the contents of the vegetables. It should be poor in chemicals and toxins but rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Our locally grown fruits and vegetables are classified under 4 different categories: Organic, Natural, hydroponics and Smart. 


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